Blood Bananas

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Background Chiquita Brands International is one of the world’s largest banana producers that were founded in 1899. Founded as United Fruit Company, Chiquita has grown to be one of the top three companies in the banana business with a combined control of 60% market share. Chiquita had annual revenues of $4.7 billion and operating plants worldwide with its main business coming out of Colombia. In this case study, it tells the story of the Chiquita business and how they faced many problems in the past years. The main problem in this study is how Chiquita paid the AUC terrorist group a combined $1.7 million from 1997 to 2004 and then told the United States Justice Department about their dealings. After the criminal investigation and plea…show more content…
Corporate Strategy Chiquita must look at their corporate strategy to analyze their global strategy and multi-business firms. Since Chiquita is a worldwide company, they must look at their globalization drivers. The globalization drivers are listed below. • Market driver • Cost driver • Technology driver • Government driver • Competition driver. Their main focus would be their market driver and their government driver. In the market drivers, Chiquita will need to analyze its customer needs, global customers and market channels in order to reroute their company’s image. In the government drivers, Chiquita will need to analyze its common marketing regulations, unrestrictive trade and investment policies and compatible technical standards so that their audience will know its stance on the past situations and see that they are doing whatever needed possible to be a reputable company again. Chiquita also has to look at their multi-business firms in its corporate strategy. They must manage their individual businesses to formulate a new business strategy and monitor and control their business performance with the new strategy. They can incorporate portfolio planning models to evaluate their business performance and formulate business strategies to allocate resources properly. With the new analyzing of these concepts, Chiquita will have better coordination, control, and profitability for the firm.

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