Blood Bank Feasibility Report

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Year13 SDD Major Project Project Proposal: Blood Bank Management System Student Names : Release No. Date : Revision Description Introduction: Blood Bank is one of the important departments. It plays an important role with blood collection and issue of blood/components. Its activities include blood donations, blood grouping, antibody screening, antibody identification, cross matching, blood infectious tests, component preparation, issuing compatible blood and Blood components etc. Blood Bank Module provides up-to-date information about total daily blood / component stock, total daily blood requisitions and information regarding donor. Blood bank module constitutes of, registering the donor at the hospital…show more content…
(Urgent/Routine) Stock Availability at the Time of Requisition Provision to Capture detail of the Patient Blood Sample Provision to Print the Cross Match Report Automatic Confirmation of Replacement Donation Quality Control Blood Component 1.3 Project boundaries The scope of this project only lies within the time frame given to us at the current moment. Due to lack of gathered information and physical survey, we are limited to what we can do. Lack of time Unaware of automated systems Lack of testing Equipments Lack of trained staff 2 ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS: 3 Feasibility Study: Limitations of the Manual system: It is Time consuming It leads to error prone results It consumes lot of manpower to better results It lacks of data security Retrieval of data takes lot of time Percentage of accuracy is less Reports take time to produce Due to all these problems, a simple low cost and effective software solution with low hardware requirements can easily overcome these problems. The Advantages are numerous with minimal downfall chances. Automating the system flow and process ensures a consistent and efficient service to the public. 3.1 Technical Feasibility 3.1.1 Technical Feasibility – Hardware Minimum Requirements: Pentium IV 1.5 Ghz 1.5 GB RAM

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