Blood Brothers: A Fictional Narrative

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The smell of musty cigarette smoke and booze invaded Russell’s nose as he sauntered over to the bar top, boots clicking on the grimy floor. He made his way over to his acquaintances with a purposeful stride and calmly ordered a bottle of bootleg liquor.

“What’s got you back in town Russell? You plan on getting tanked again?” questioned Earl, the bartender in a gravely voice. He was a sly old man with wizened gray hair and jaded sapphire eyes that held a glint of mischievousness. His gnarled fingers moved with experience as he set the drink on the bar.

“Not this time my friend, I’m just here to share a story over some giggle water.” Chuckled Russell in response as he took a swig of his hooch. “What’s happened this time?”
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Turns out her father owns the bookshop on the corner of Whinston. And that swanky silver iron with the s on the fender that he had out on the side for a year, stolen! In the dead of night.” proclaimed Russell setting down his dead…show more content…
“You’re the bookseller’s new son-in-law are you not?” pondered James, tilting his head forwards to get a better look. “That’s me… and that bike was mine.” They sat in an awkward silence for a moment.

“Well, I came back here to tell you lot that whoever catches that thief gets a reward of fifteen shillings! Quite a hefty amount is it not?” mused Russell. The others gaped at him in shock. “Well if it’s ‘quite a hefty amount’ as you said, then why not try for it yourself?” mocked Samuel in suspicion. “I would but I’ve got to get back to the rails. That’s where I heard of the reward, and one of the boys say they saw him head east of the bridge,” answered Russell not missing a beat.

“I’m going to make my way back now, just make sure you don’t take any wooden nickels.” hinted Russell with a wink. He promptly stood, tossing a few shillings onto the bar top. He turned on his heel with a smirk on his face and pushed through the heavy oak door into the crisp London air. Russell hurriedly made his way to the side of the building and peered over the corner to see James, Earl and Samuel hurrying to the police
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