Blood Brothers: A Short Story

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“Good morning, Ram” he wished the butler while taking the seat next to the table. In a gentle and silent reply, the butler folded his arms in a Namaste gesture and wished him back.

“What would you like to have for breakfast, master” politely, he asked holding back the empty porcelain plate from the table.

“Simple for today. Toast with peanut butter.” He said over the unfurled newspaper that covered his face.

“The coffee is waiting for you, sir” he said, as he drove himself into the kitchen. The sound of cutleries being moved made a blurred noise which disturbed Rupam’s focus from the headline printed in black defined letters.

‘Professor being unsafe for his inventions’ he read through his mind’s lips. He knew who it was and for what he
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Jamal Rehman had been Rupam’s one of the closest friends since he dragged himself into the detective’s business. Rehman was a tribute for the Indian Government since his first invention. It happened in 1993 when he, along with JP Prabhakar were working on a case study under SENFLIX private institution, he mistakenly diluted a binary parasitic chemical with inflammable gas resulting into an explosion that costed Prabhakar’s life. The lab was fused with the electricity and it was Rehman, who for god’s grief, escaped death. He then understood the result and re-created the item into two small pen refills- redefining it with more strength. It was built strong enough to crunch an entire SUV. He then appointed a private meeting with Mr. Narayan, then the Deference Minister and handed the binary weapon to him. Since then, every year a new product was sold by him exclusively to the government officials at high rates for the defence of the country.

He completed reading the entire article. It said someone of his mansion tried to steal his latest invention, the bullet streamer. On not being successful at the attempt, the bandit stole the formula of the product from the safe, where it was kept under the professor’s guidance. Rupam recalled the conversation that he had with the professor last Tuesday, regarding the streamer. He said how he made a profit of a billion bucks from the
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