Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

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The theatre production, ‘Blood Brothers’, play script written by Willy Russell, published in 1986, is a tale set in 1950s-80s Liverpool following the story of two twin boys separated at birth; one stays with the mother and lives a council estate life whilst the other lives a lavish lifestyle with the mother’s ex boss, the two women lie, deceiving the world and hiding the truth till one destined night. The importance of the mother in the production is shown underneath the plot, but should be highly regarded as Russell manifested the subordinate views placed upon women in the 1950s&60s surrounding the society of western countries.

The playwright uses the character, The mother, to his advantage. This being the exhibit of the portrayal of women in the 1950s; Women were given high expectations and behaviors to display in both in the home as well as in public, articulating the submission of women to men in that era. Before marriage, men would tend to go for ‘promiscuous women’ bound by bare looks, wed them and turn them into ladies of the house. These women took the roles of caring mother, assiduous homemaker and obedient wife. The ‘perfect’ mother/wife would stay at home, cook, clean, and nurture in order to be classed as acceptable in society. Collating this to the character of the mother, who in the 1950s, used to go dancing where she met her future husband. He complimented her telling her she was “sexier than Marilyn Monroe” which was viewed as a high compliment as Marilyn
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