Blood Diamond

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Danny Archer Does Have an Epiphany Danny Archer is a character in the movie Blood diamond. Edward Zwick displays the complete transformation of Archer over the course of the movie, from a greedy anti-hero to a selfless hero who puts others before himself. Archer’s epiphany starts after meeting Solomon Vandy in prison, the local fisherman who found the rare pink diamond. Another person that play a huge role in determining the identity of Archer is Maddy Bowen, the reporter from New York. I will be discussing the specific scenes in which I think Archer starts his transformation into becoming a better person ( Solomon is captured and forced to work in an RUF diamond mine. Soon after, his elementary-school-aged son is also…show more content…
As Vandy and Archer are walking on the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) territory in the quest of getting the buried diamond Vandy changes the path to go find his son, Dia Vandy who was captured by the RUF and is being trained to become one of them, Archer was against the idea of looking or him because he believed that his son was gone but when he say the determination in the eyes of Vandy, he started thinking of a plan. This scene proved that Archer had an epiphany, you can tell that because if it was the old Archer he wouldn’t care about anyone but the diamond, He could not believe that love he has for his son to risk his life like that (Wikimedia Foundation). The two men leave the camp on foot while Bowen boards a plane carrying foreigners out of the conflict zone. After an arduous overnight trek, the men reach the mining camp in a river valley, still under RUF control, where Solomon discovered and buried the large diamond. Here, Solomon is painfully reunited with his son Dia, who refuses to acknowledge him because he has been brainwashed by the rebels. Solomon is also reunited with Captain Poison, who orders him to find the diamond, but the South African mercenary force, also after the diamond, dispatches the RUF rebels in a massive air strike which kills many of the RUF rebels and some of the miners. Amidst the chaos, Solomon kills Poison with a shovel. Through a deal with Archer,

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