Blood Diamonds

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Imples Paynter Prof. P.M. Roach Politics & Cultures of Africa Ever since British geologists first discovered diamonds in Sierra Leone 's jungles in the 1930 's, diamonds have been a key factor in the bloody conflict that has ravaged this small West African country. In his novel, Blood Diamonds, Greg Campbell captures the heart wrenching story of one man 's encounter with the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel group in Sierra Leone, infamous for their brutal tactics of mass rape, torture, looting, and excruciations. But their signature and most documented form of persecution -- amputation: Ismael Dalramy lost his hands in 1999 with two quick blows of an ax. He didn 't—or couldn 't—recall the pain of the blows. But he…show more content…
"Making up about 4 to 5 percent of the global output." (xxiii) "The world 's biggest diamond mining and marketing company, De Beers Consolidated Mines of South Africa, announced in February 2000, that it will no longer buy any diamonds sourced from a region controlled by an armed group opposed to the legitimate authority in a country"( According to a report by Partnership Africa Canada (P.A.C.), "upwards of 50,000 [have been] killed, half the population displaced, and more than two-thirds of its already severely limited infrastructure destroyed. Meanwhile, the underground trade of illicit diamonds is booming. Conflict diamonds are valued "between 4 percent and 15 percent of the world total" and generate annual trade revenues of $7.5 billion" (Johnson). "According to De Beers 's, conflict diamonds are "minded or stolen by rebels who are in opposition to the legitimate government of a country" (Campbell 127). "With this definition of "conflict diamonds", DeBeers has no only proved itself with linguistic maneuverability but trade maneuverability as well. It is no secret that "the industry, after all, is bigger than the company alone and in fact is critical to the economies of at least four nations." (Campbell 127) DeBeers has taken steps to ensure that some of their diamonds were conflict free with the demand for action so apparent. DeBeers first step in the right direction resulted in a devastating blow to earnings, a net loss

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