Blood Doping : Can We Beat It?

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Blood Doping: Can We Beat It? All humans, no matter what religion, skin color, age, or gender, have blood streaming through out our bodies. Blood rushes oxygen around the body, pulls carbon dioxide out of the body, sends white blood cells to fight illness and infection, is produced in the bone marrow, carries platelets and fibers that close up wounds, and comes in the types A, B, AB, and O, with type O being a universal blood donor. Blood is not just imperative, it is irreplaceable. Doctors can only rely on the generosity of strangers to donate blood and plasma to blood banks to be stored away for future use. There is no known way to artificially produce blood; this is why it is so valuable. However, some people misuse their own blood in a process known as blood doping.
Blood doping; also called induced erythrocythemia ,blood packing or blood boosting; is the act of taking out the victim’s blood and later injecting it back into the victim’s system which is also known as autologous transfusion which can not be traced after a certain amount of time. Blood doping has been used in many sports like swimming, cycling, and skiing. Some people also use blood from other people who have the same type, which is known as Homologous transfusion. In the past, the only way to test for blood doping was by testing an athlete 's blood for an unnaturally high red blood cell count, now a urine test for artificial EPO was introduced in 1997, but it 's not foolproof (Kois). All blood doping…
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