Blood Glucose Level Changes Due Exercise And Serving Size

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Our whole project is surrounded around blood glucose level changes due exercise and serving size, so that brings about the question of what is blood glucose? Blood glucose is the sugar that is moved throughout the bloodstream to provide energy to all cells in the body. In simple terms, it is very important biological occurrence that drives the body by giving it the raw energy to power all the body’s functions. To test for this occurrence, there are two main methods to test for the levels of blood glucose in the bloodstream. One method is having the blood drawn intravenously, getting blood drawn using a needle, and sending it to a lab to conduct the action. The other method that is much more convenient and less costly is using a glucometer to get a drop of blood. We would be doing the latter because of the convenience and time restrictions to get the results of our experiment. To fully understand the scientific background in our experiment, research was needed to get the basic understanding about why things would function the way they do and how that came about. It all starts off with people having the necessity to eat food to get their energy. People get their nutrition from the food that they eat with comes in from their mouth. The food then travels to the esophagus to the stomach. The function of the stomach is to churn the food up and, “secrete acid and enzymes to digest food”(Powis, 1985, p. 173). Then, the nutrients from the stomach go to the intestines…
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