Blood Is Our Body 's Transportation System Of Nutrients And Can Be A Gift For Saving Your Life

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What is the gift that I can give that will save someone’s life? Why of course, it is the gift of giving blood. Blood is an amazing fluid that feeds, takes away the waste and carries oxygen to all cells in our body (Holt, Rinehart, and Winston 182). So, why give blood and what do I need to do to contribute. Blood donations are used in various ways, such as transfusions, research, medical emergencies or trauma. Blood drives take place day in and day out to help supply the constant need of blood. Knowing some facts and the use of blood, may change my mind on why I should give. Blood is our body’s transportation system of nutrients and can be a gift for saving someone’s life. So, what is blood and why is it important? Blood is a thick fluid that feeds, takes away waste and carries oxygen to and from all cells. Not only does blood do the above things, but blood also helps to regulate temperature, fights off harmful invaders, and carries various chemicals for body functions (Roadman 407). That is why I hear people say, “blood is thicker than water” ( Blood is constantly being pumped through the heart either with oxygen or carbon dioxide. Not only is blood a fluid, but it’s a tissue as well because blood groups cells together within.
Blood has different components that help to maintain homeostasis within the human body, for example, blood has white cells, red cells, platelets, hemoglobin, and plasma (Barnhill 9). The red blood cells carry oxygen to all…
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