Blood On The Forge Review

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Dawon Glen
October 28, 2015
Afro 100
Blood on the Forge Review How can you start from the bottom and rise to the top, but still not be on top? The strength of African Americans over the years is outstanding, but I will it ever be good enough. From discrimination, starvation, Jim Crow, the lack of the right to vote, and job deprivation, came The Great Migration. The Great Migration is one of the most historical periods in America. People, mainly African Americans, departed the southern region of the United States, to relocate in the Northern region of the United States for various reasons. To name a few, discrimination, racism, but mainly for employment. However, was relocating worth it? Was it really a difference ? We will find out. In Blood on the Forge,the author, William Attaway, introduces reader to three men, the Moss brothers. Attaway, emotionally connects with his characters, taking readers on a crusade through one of the most historical periods in United States history, The Great Migration. This journey sets off in the deep roots of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the early 1900 's. Tag along as we venture through the emotion and hardships of the Moss brothers story. To begin with, The Moss brothers comprise of Big Mat, Melody, and Chinatown. Every brought up in the profound south of the United States. Destined to work and drudge in a Sharecropper 's reality, the Moss siblings battle to manage. Huge Mat is…
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