Blood Pattern Analysis

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Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis Kimberley Kanuch-Brown Everest University Abstract Given that blood spatter analysis is an emergent field, with rapidly occurring developments have significant probative implications for the court system, this project will seek to examine the multi-faceted elements of blood spatter analysis to provide an overview of the field’s different dimensions. Focusing on technical developments, analytical interpretation and court relevance, the project will propose that blood spatter’s analysis as a mainstream element of the CSI toolkit results from the combination of physical sciences and analytical rigor which lies at its core. Beginning with questions of technical and physical science, the project will…show more content…
Blood Spatter Analysis and Interpretation Moving forward to questions of blood spatter interpretation, historically a subjective area of practice, the work of Trombka et al. (2002) sheds important light on how computerized analysis can now lead to the automation of many elements of blood spatter analysis. This is incredibly beneficial, for this particular CSI technique, because of the fact that computerized analysis brings about the type of parsimony, associated with rigorous hard sciences, which increases a discipline’s credibility in a court-of-law. Indeed, and because computerized spatter analysis will inevitably bring about greater reliability in spatter analysis, inasmuch as cases will now be analyzed in identical ways by different analysts, the discipline’s probative relevance to court cases is likely to be increased dramatically. In a similar vein, Raul et al. (2005) argue that, in conceptualizing of the gunshot, we must make assumptions regarding its blood effects on the basis of trajectory and other elements. Examining shots to the head, the authors note that, depending on the trajectory of the bullet, the head will move in a different way. Because of this, blood spatter analysis

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