Blood Shortage And Fda Policy Limitations Essay

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Blood Shortage and FDA Policy Limitations Our nation has a major blood shortage which results in a national health crisis. States all over the nation are reporting the need for blood donors and the importance of having donors to help those who are directly affected. There has been a recent rise in shortage due to the increased demand of high complex surgeries which require a large supply of blood. McMillan reports, “just one liver transplant can take 120 units of donated blood” (Zabarenko, 2016). It is imperative to bring attention to this social problem, and begin to search for possible solutions, as well as identifying gaps in the policy before seeking policy revision. Experts indicate that “the only solution is for this problem is to persuade people to become donors” (Nagourney, 2009). The American Red Cross and Americans Blood Center currently encompass almost all of the nation’s blood supply. Blood supply decreases more during the summer because schools and certain businesses close and are not open to hold a blood drive. The American Red Cross predicts that “a person in a single car accident can need up to 100 pints of blood” (ARC, 2016). However, during a routine blood drive a person can only donate 1 pint of their blood supply. The American Red Cross also reports that they need “80,000 units in one day to run successfully, but are only receiving 36,000 a day” (Healy, 2016). Recently, the American Red Cross issued an “Urgent: Blood Appeal” to inform the community of

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