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Running Head: Blood Splatter Analysis

Blood Spatter Analysis Kenisha Callahan AJS 592 Dr. Steven Gilbert

Blood Spatter Analysis Blood spatter analysis is “the systematic assessment of the visual patterns of bloodstains at crime scenes based on the physics of fluids” (Brodbeck, 2012, p. 51). It has been studied since 1895 when Dr. Eduard Piotrowski published "Concerning the Origin, Shape, Direction and Distribution of the Bloodstains Following Head Wounds Caused by Blows." The next acknowledgment of BPA was in 1955 when Dr. Paul Kirk entered blood splatter evidence in the State of Ohio v. Samuel Sheppard case. Dr. Herbert
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All of this information together assists investigators to reconstruct crime scenes, corroborate witness statements, and exclude or include suspects in the investigation.
Blood characteristics upon striking hard surfaces Blood spatter can fall on a number of surface textures. The type of surface the blood falls on has an affect on how the spatter will appear. The harder the surface, the fewer spatters there will be. When blood hits a surface which is hard and smooth, the blood breaks apart on impact. This causes smaller droplets that continue to move in the same direction as the original droplet. According to Ramsland (2014), A smooth surface, such as glass, will provide the recording of a stain with clean edges and shapes of proper geometric proportion. A rough surface, like concrete, will break the surface tension irregularly and generate a star burst, or spinning effect. (Blood Pattern Analysis)
Challenges of blood spatter analyst A bloodstain pattern analyst can't simply look at drips and smears of blood and immediately tell you what happened, when it happened, and who committed the crime. It takes time and is only one piece of many when piecing together what happened in a crime. However, when bloodstain pattern analysis is corroborated with other evidence it may lead investigators to additional clues. Bloodstain pattern analyst may face many challenges when examining crime scenes. One of the challenges they are faced with is interacting

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