Blood Sugar and Glucose Level

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GLUCOWATCH BIOGRAPHER GLUCOWATCH Glucowatch is a advance technology in blood glucose monitoring . this will use very low current to measure glucose level from interstitial fluid , and shows the digital reading. Gluco watch works in the principal of Reverse Intophoresis based Glucose Monitoring devise ( RIGMD ). It is programmed to alert the person when the glucose level gets high or low in blood concentration . and helps the person to maintain constant glucose level . It is easy and user friendly ( David Mendosa, 2010 ) GLUCOSE MONITORING It helps the diabetes to maintain the constant level of blood glucose . Those persons can plan about their food preference physical activities then medication by knowing the result from…show more content…
They check the accuracy of glucose monitoring device in the children of type 1 diabetes , they compare 1st and 2nd generation CGMS and GW2B on Children. The international organisation for standardisation ISO , standards for accuracy of continuous blood glucose monitoring sensor. The blood glucose value within 15 mg / DL of reference the reference value ≤ 75 mg/DL and within 20 % of reference value > 75 mg/DL. This definition is shown in data pair meeting these requirements. ( David C . Konoff ) (care The direcNet found the reference blood group monitoring of Hypo glycemic blood group , CGMS met ISO standard with only 48 % of reading and GW2B met ISO standard in 32 % reading. The research proves the detailed information about blood glucose monitoring . GLUCOWATCH USES Also gluco watches is tested with ten diabetes patients were invited to assess the GlucoWatch as part of a pre launch evolution in the UK all patients experience the below mentioned problems No regular monitoring, Suboptimal or poor control (HbA1c > 8%) and They were provided with a 1–2 hour session of demo and were then On hand machine as trial for 2 weak DISCUSSION Conventional glucose detecting devices offer limited readings on glucose levels , but will not offer the dynamic glucose profile reading . This monitoring involves finger pricking , which posses problem in patients such
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