Blood Type Lab Report

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Blood Typing Experiment There are four blood types found in humans. These are A blood type which has the genotype either AA or AO, B blood type which has the genotype either BB or BO, AB blood type which has the genotype AB, and O blood type which has the genotype OO. These genotypes show a combination of complete dominance and codominance. A and B traits are dominant to the recessive O trait, however, the A trait is codominant to the B trait. Each blood type codes for certain antigens. A blood codes for the A surface antigen, B blood codes for the B surface antigen, AB blood codes for both the A and B surface antigen, and O blood does not code for a surface antigen. Therefore to determine one’s blood type a test can be performed
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While child 3 cannot be classified as either Mr.Johnson or Mr.Wilson’s child. When looking at the control blood samples, A blood type forms “clumps” when mixed with the A antigen, B blood type “clumps” when mixed with the B antigen, AB blood type “clumps” with both the A and B antigen, and O blood type does not “clump” with either antigen. To the right are the individuals’ sample trays. Looking at each individual’s blood samples, Mr.Johnson had A blood, Mr.Wilson had B blood, Child 1 had A blood, Child 2 had B blood, and Child 3 had O blood. This supports the claim because knowing Mrs.Johnson’s blood type is O means Mrs.Johnson has the genotype OO. Due to the individuals’ blood types it is known that Mr.Johnson has either the genotype AO or AA, Mr.Wilson has either the genotype BO or BB, Child 1 must have the genotype AO because Child 1 must have had an O trait from Mrs.Johnson, Child 2 must have the genotype BO because Child 1 must have had an O trait from Mrs.Johnson, and Child 3 must have the genotype OO because that is the only genotype for type O blood. When looking at the children’s genotypes it can be concluded that Child A must be Mr.Johnson’s child because it inherited an A trait which can only come from Mr.Johnson, Child 2 must be Mr.Wilson’s child because it had to inherit a B trait which can only come from Mr.Wilson, however Child 3 could come from either Mr.Johnson or Mr.Wilson depending on which individual has a genotype that can pass an O trait. It is not possible from this test to tell whether it is Mr.Wilson or Mr.Johnson that passed on the O trait. Every other research group agreed with our claim. Each group had come to the conclusion that Mr.Johnson was the father of one of the three children
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