Blood Typing And The Blood Of The Donor Blood

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Blood typing is one of the tests that will determine a person’s blood type. Although, all blood is made of the same basic elements but they are not same by their blood typing. In fact, there are eight different common blood types. Based on certain substances of antigen presence or absence and Rh factors we will able to identify the person blood types. Those substances can trigger an immune response if they are foreign to the body. Blood typing is important when you need a blood transfusion or planning to have an organ transplant. As we know not all blood types are compatible due to their antigen and antibodies they have. Since some antigens can react with person immune system to attack the donor blood, It is very important to know the person’s blood typing and cross-matching to ensure that your body doesn’t make antibodies to attack the donor blood or organ. Blood typing is especially important to pregnant mothers when the mother is Rh- and the father has Rh+ and a child born with Rh positive. So, it is important to be an early cautious in order to avoid reactive consequences. In the medical sector small mistake can take patient life. In this lab experiment though using the anti A serum, anti B serum, and anti Rh serum, we were able to identify the blood types of each sample that we had.
In order to prepare for this experiment, our professor had given us four different samples of unknown synthetic blood type. We also had 3 different…

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