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Case Study: Blood for Sale (2.1) Question 1 Based on the case study, Sol Levin and his colleagues are the founder of Plasma International. He legalised the lucrative market referring on secure and uncontaminated blood. Regarding this question, Sol Levin’s company is running a business “just like any other business” in the country. Why did I accept this phrase? This is because one wouldn’t be able to acquire blood just like any other department stores, supermarkets, chain stores or hypermarkets as was mentioned by a woman working as a machine operator. However, I deliberate the sort of business he coordinate is open to moral criticism as well. Why is it open to moral criticism? It fosters an awareness and inequity towards the publics.…show more content…
Question 7 Commercialisation is a technique to stimulate up-to-date products and fabricated their availabilities’ in the markets. As for this interrogation, to some extent it has to be condemned. Yes, it is a fallacious approach to treat human organs as commodities’. Based on my perspective, I strongly disagree on this utterance. Human’s organ shouldn’t be entailed with monetarists. As mentioned by Philosopher Peter Singer that “blood is a commodity with a price”. “He elucidate that the commodities’ should be apt to strangers without any expectation of bounties”. This phrase can’t be executed if the markets choses to glimpse blood as a commodity. Human organs and bloods shouldn’t be sold by any unethical authorities for their personal comforts. Why did I disagree this statement? This is because selling organs utters an immoral behaviour. For instance, individuals who are forlorn might embrace themselves on the selling of the organs which are kidneys, hearts, eyes and bloods. Hence, when their forlorn level upswing, they can even kidnap anyone for their own sakes, as they are money-minded. This eventually convicts impairment to other individuals and a prodigious attainable of them falling into the trap of scandals. Based on the text, when blood is a commodity and can be procure instead of liable freely, it manifest that altruism becomes unnecessary and

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