Bloody Mary Research Paper

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The Real Story Behind Bloody Mary Queen Mary, the real story behind the infamous legend of Bloody Mary. Queen Mary or Mary Tudor was the 1st queen regnant of England, she was born on February 18, 1516 and the only child of Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon to live to adulthood. Queen Mary was a courageous queen, rising above all and taking what she wanted no matter the consequence. When Mary was younger she was treated like a princess, her father made sure that Mary was surrounded with jewels, furs, and many other luxuries. Mary was betrothed to her cousin, Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, he wanted Mary to come to Spain to train as a spanish queen, her father said no and said that she will stay in the castle till the age of 12, the engagement was called off by Charles V soon after. Mary received a high education, knowing Spanish, Latin, and French, she was also a very talented dancer and showed her talents to ambassadors when they visited her father at court. When Mary was nine years old, Henry sent her to Wales with her own personal court to act as a royal representative, many believed that she would succeed her father despite being a woman. Later on there were allegations of incest made by Henry, between him and Catherine since she was married to Henry’s…show more content…
The reason why Mary is still a big topic in the middle ages is because of her name, Bloody Mary, which inspired many legends told around campfires or games involving candles and a mirror, without her name and what she had done to get it, the legends would have never been told. Mary had a large number of miscarriages, she never had any children and her husband soon became bored of her and spent little time with her in the castle, because of this she fell into a deep depression, she also may have suffered from uterine or ovarian cancer and died on November 17,
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