Bloom’S Cognitive Taxonomy Can Be Used To Define Learner

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Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy can be used to define learner behaviors that can be observed and measured by the learner and educator alike to determine if learning has occurred and to what degree. With Bloom’s taxonomy, educators can also arrange learning behaviors in ascending order of difficulty. In this fashion, basic skills can be developed in preparation for learning more advanced ones (Byers, 2010). Accordingly, in writing meaningful and measurable student learning outcomes, it may be useful to begin each learning outcome statement with “Students should be able to . . .,” followed by an appropriate verb relating to the desired action or performance associated with the intended cognitive level using Bloom’s Taxonomy. I use the phrase…show more content…
Do we want to assess what students are learning as a result of the curriculum or training a program is offering (learning outcomes)? Do we want to assess how students are developing as a result of an intervention we are applying within our program (developmental outcomes)? I will explain more about the different types of outcomes later (Brophy, 2013). The next step is to make sure the outcome is measurable. In other words, evidence must be provided demonstrating that the outcome was or was not achieved. By selecting verbs from Bloom’s Taxonomy that specify the trait, ability, behavior, or habit of mind that will be assessed; such as create, compose, calculate, build, develop, or evaluate, the outcome is more likely to become measurable. The trait being assessed can be measured with quantitative or qualitative data. The question to ask here is "Is the outcome measurable?" Then we have to remember that the outcome must measure something useful and meaningful. Remember, assessment makes a difference, so information needs to be connected to subjects that people really care about. This suggests that assessment methods will collect evidence that is credible, meaningful, and applicable to the decision making process for improvement throughout the institution. Therefore, one of the vital steps in writing good outcomes is to address any significant claims of
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