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Bloomberg Core Exam Prep Answers in Bold <ALRT><GO ??? What tool can I use to find a list of the searches or alerts that I have saved using <TNI> <HELP> To get a user guide while on a function such as MOST<GO>, one would hit which key? 1 and 3 (XLTP and Template Library) Is there any tool that allows you to search for pre-built excel sheets that contain Bloomberg data/analytics? 1 minute What is the lowest tick size that you can select in the historical intraday bars wizard? All of the above Where can you get help if you have questions about using the API? (Dapi>go + help,help + Bloomberg drop down, help file) All of the above Where can I find CHEATSHEETS on Bloomberg? (Chea> go + Bu>go>13>go + Docs cheatsheet>go) All of the…show more content…
Main > Go What function on Bloomberg provides a list of the primary menus that organize the data and functions on Bloomberg? Menu Which key will allow you to "go back" from a function and see related functionality? Real-time/historical wizard ??? If one wanted to replicate the Bollinger Bands study in Excel for IBM US equity( found by typing IBM US equity <GO> on the terminal) which Bloomberg excel tool would you use? Real-time/historical wizard > historical end of day ???? To find earnings estimates for companies historically and also be able to specify the period that is being estimated, the tool to use is: Real-time/historical wizard > historical end of day Step 4 of 6 If one were to pull historical end of day prices for IBM US EQUITY, VOD LN equity, and BMW GR equity all of the prices would be denominated in three different currencies. Is there a way to make sure all of the data is in USD, and if so how can one do this? Real-time/historical wizard > historical end of day Step 4 of 6 Where can on pull curves for USD currency with the ability of override information such as the "curve date" before dragging the data into an Excel sheet? Security ticker > equity > go If one knows the ticker for an equity, the syntax would be Step 2 of 3 shows a real-time indicator with red and green arrow icons Using the real-time/historical wizard > real-time/current, you are trying to pull the real-time volume for

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