Blooming Flowers : Chapter One

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Blooming flowers Chapter one I walked into the school, ready to start a new year. Last year, my friend, Josh, and I had gotten suspended for two weeks. This year was going to be a good one. I had a new best friend, three great best friends and no Courtney. "How 's life?" Josh asked, walking next to me. Honestly, it wasn 't that bad but soon it would be a whole lot better. "Do you want to come over after school? Joseph 's coming over" I offered. Joseph was my cousin. He was in college but he still likes to hang out with me sometimes. "Yeah sure" he smiled, going off to his locker. "Hey babe. I missed you the whole of yesterday" Travis said, coming up to my locker. "Yeah you too" I spoke, lightly laughing. Travis was crazy sometimes. Sometimes he was not so crazy. "Hey, do you want to sleep over tonight?" I asked Travis, laughing when his face lit up. Travis liked sleeping over a lot. He had an abusive mom and she didn 't like him being in the house for too long. "Is that even a question?" he squealed, excited. I put my finger on his mouth. He needed to hear the conditions. "But you have to be on your best behaviour because my cousin is staying the week at my house, okay?" I said, sternly, knowing what kind of things Travis gets up to at my house. He liked to play lots of pranks and just be generally annoying to my family but I knew that my parents loved him. "Party pooper" he mumbled. "Travis" I said, giving him a warning look. "Yeah, whatever" he huffed, walking
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