Blow Worms Australia

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Glow worms lives in Australia. Glow worms eats insects and other invertebrates. Snails & Slugs are a diet to Glow worms so they don’t eat it. Glow worms are very wide and there are bundles of them around houses or anywhere. Some people might think their beetles because there big and bucked eye. On a glow worm there is a green or light on the end of its tail. Glow worms spend 2 or more nights with their tails in the air. Their tails are light street lights that’s how bright they are. The female worms lay eggs up to 50 or 100 eggs. It takes 3 to 6 weeks to hatch the eggs depending on the climate. If its warmer the faster the glow worm eggs will hatch. They glow in the darkness to spot natural predators within the environment. Glow worms
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