Blowing Up On The Spot

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“Blowing Up on the Spot” is Like a Death Short Circuit Many of us have, unfortunately, experienced a loss in our lives. Maybe it was a pet or a friend; possibly someone like a parent or grandparent. We have all experienced such losses and found a way to cope with the grief that they bring. While there is a known process for grieving, everyone goes through it and copes with the loss differently. Some take on new hobbies to get their minds away from it while some may physically move away from them area where the loss occurred. In some extreme cases, the person may change the way they live their life in hope that they will live longer or become fixated on the concept of death and what it truly means. Some may begin to fill with anxiety as they fear that the same fate may befall them soon as well. Such is the case with Leonard and his younger brother, Caleb, in the short story “Blowing Up on the Spot”, two unfortunate young men living in an apartment above a bakery whose parents have died in a peculiar and rare way. In “Blowing Up on the Spot”, from Kevin Wilson’s Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, he uses quirky characters to display the different ways people cope with loss, grief, and the understanding of death’s inevitability. When coping with the after effects of a loss and death, some people’s lives tend to change. They may do something drastic like moving away, changing their jobs, or changing aspects of their personality. After his parents’ death by spontaneous
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