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Case Report: Blozis Company Module Two: Procurement and Supply Management Session Two – Procurement Process Name: Karen Little Member ID: 10040308 Date Submitted: February 3, 2011 Table Of Contents Part 1 – Executive Summary Pages 3-4 Part 2 - Immediate Issue with Impact Analysis Pages 5-6 Part 3 – Environmental and Root Cause Analysis Pages 6-8 Part 4 – Alternatives and/or Options Pages 8 Part 5 – Recommendation and Implementation Page 9-11 Part 6 – Monitor and Control Pages 11-12 Part 1 - Executive Summary My decision, as the supply manager of the Blozis company, is to implement new processes and procedures in the supply department. One of the changes to be made in the processes…show more content…
The writing of purchase requisitions and orders should be limited to the engineering and production personnel. The current inventory and purchasing process within the Blozis Company is allowing for inventory to go missing, payments for materials and items received to be missed, as well as the receiving of invoices for payments to suppliers that are not supported by purchase orders. The current processes or lack of processes are not allowing for the proper tracking and accounting of inventory; the control of cost as purchasing discounts are being missed and invoicing is being received and paid for without proper documentation that the items were in fact ordered and received. This lax in documentation and recording of items is also impacting on the ability of each department to remain within budget. The company, as well, can no longer function without proper processes that are diligently followed in regards to signatures on purchase requisitions. Again this allows for greater control over costs, purchasing accountability and adherence to budget restrictions. As a whole the company needs to completely overhaul their current processes and procedures in their supply department in order to address the issues as detailed above. Part 3 – Environmental and Root Cause Analysis Under the current processes in the supply department the expeditor is spending too much time handling technical orders. While his involvement in technical orders to a degree does

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