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1. Is the supply function organized properly? Is it strategic or tactical in nature? No it is not. It is tactical in nature when expeditor was picking up parts with no confirmed orders or supply department receiving invoices for items that could not be matched to corresponding purchase order. 2. Purchasing procedures at Blozis are related to specifications, the use of requisitions, purchase orders, and receipt and delivery. Should these be changed? Why or why not? If they should be changed, how? Problems: Yes they should be changed because the current processes will only generate a lot of inaccuracies in the inventory and documentations. Current inventory and purchasing process allows for inventory to go missing, late…show more content…
They were simply unaware of what was being charged to their departments until the monthly accounting statements rolled out. Solutions: Role of the expeditor should only be limited to expediting materials and items throughout the company. His role in handling technical orders should be decreased. This task should fall under the engineering department. If purchase requisitions are written with greater specifications, another individual within supply department could be trained to assist. All products received must be documented and signed off by the receiving clerk with a matching purchase order to go along with the bill of lading or packing slip. No items should be received into inventory in the supply department without a corresponding approved purchase order. Supply department should receive a receiving report daily so they can arrange timely payment of invoices to take advantage of purchasing discounts. Nobody else should be allowed to remove a product fro inventory without providing a requisition. These processes should be implemented by the supply manager. To make aware of what are being charged to the departments, all purchase requisitions should require signature of manager from respective department for which the purchase is made. Supply manager should never receive and process a purchase requisition unless

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