Blozis Company

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Executive Summary
Currently Blozis Company is facing many internal issues due to an absence of communication and control. The supply department is exhibiting weak control over materials and the overall supply management performance. The implementation of a supply management process will give the organization control of its operations. The large number of items, the large dollar value involved, the need for an audit trail, the severe consequences of poor performance, and the potential contribution to effective organizational operations inherent in the function are five major reasons for developing a robust process. The acquisition process is closely tied to almost all other business processes included in the organization and also to the
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This process requires a wide range of standard operating procedures to deal with the normal daily tasks. The first step in optimizing the supply process is building consensus within the organization around the opportunities to add value to the organization. Personnel at all levels in the company must work to understand and align strategies and goals vertically and horizontally to maximize opportunities for the organization.
The supply process is basically a communications process. Determining what needs to be communicated, to whom, and in what format and timeframe is at the heart of an efficient and effective supply management process. The essential steps in the purchasing process are:
1) Needs recognition – this is the process of identifying that a good or service is required and determining the timing of the requirement.
2) Need description or specification – this is describing the need in sufficient detail to ensure that the correct good or service is procured, in the correct quality, at the correct time, at the correct place.
3) Sourcing – this involves investigating and qualifying potential suppliers and evaluating the qualifying suppliers’ bid.
4) Supplier selection – this involves choosing the supplier to provide the good or service.
5) Ordering – this is the process of making the purchase from the supplier.
6) Monitoring – this involves following up with the supplier to check on the status of the order and/or expediting an
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