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BLSC- A Executive Summary This report was commissioned to examine Bright Lights and Services Company diversification and business development strategy. Bright Lights and Services Company is a diversified company in Brightland located about 2500 miles southeast of Boston. BLSC was formed as a diversified company and evolved out of Biego in 1915 to provide electricity to the Brightland island residents. BLSC is the sole provider for all of the Brightland residents electrical needs. However, due to the decline in tourism, net income from electric revenues have remained flat despite price increases. In order to supplement BLSC’s revenue stream the company decided to diversify it's portfolio in 2007. Today BLSC, runs several businesses:…show more content…
BOATS- will offer frequent traveler discounts to students and island employees to encourage more usage of it passenger ferries vs. the competition. The company will also add 1 additional boat to its fleet that operates between the mainland and Brightland islands. BOATS will also collaborate with the local hotels, and local tour guide companies on advertising, and promotional activities to increase ferry usage by the tourists. PICO – will continue its efforts to advertise effectively to the local residents of Brightland to sustain revenue. MM – Brightland University is beginning to attract more students to islands. Therefore we will increase promotional effort and target the students of Brightland University. MM will offer incentives such as Student free checking and no ATM transaction fees. MM will also market itself as the “People of Brightland’s bank…..a bank you can trust” to capitalize on its local roots and differentiate itself from the national banks Analysis BIEGO- Citizens and politicians are urging BEIGO to become green. It is also in the Beigo’s best interest to switch to gas given the fact that Venezuela is the only available source for low sulfur fuel oil, and in the long run producing power using gas is 20% less than fuel. Switching to gas would be more environmentally friendly and

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