Blue Against White Essay

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In the story “Blue against White”, the author, Jeannette C. Armstrong, writes about a native girl coming home to her reserve after spending time in the city. The topic of memories is very apparent throughout the story as the main character, Lena, is reminiscing through most of it. Whether we like it or not, life always goes on and sometimes, there are things we don’t really pay attention to until it’s too late. Memories can help to keep the past alive and get us through some pretty tough situations. In the story, Lena thinks about her time in the city and how she got through it with her memories of the place she grew up in. Armstrong represents her idea of memory of the past in her text with the use of the blue door as a symbol, comparing…show more content…
She frequently compares Lena’s home and the city; the blue and the white. “Nobody wanted them there, so nobody made friends with them, but once in a while they made the papers when they did something wrong or showed up; trotting along Broadway, cool as could be.” This passage, taken from page ninety-five, talks about Lena thinking back to the city and the coyotes there, and compares them to the ones that live near the reserve. Lena’s discomfort living in the city becomes more apparent here when she talks about a coyote she saw in a paper that died because it did not know anything about living outside the wilderness. I think on some level, Lena felt like the coyote, lost and confused in the big city. Another way the author represents her ideas is through the use of imagery. “Blue against White” is full of descriptive words that appeals to the five senses. Many of the times when Lena is reminiscing of her past, Armstrong uses imagery to paint a picture in the reader’s minds. This makes the reader’s connection to Lena that much deeper and helps the reader to fully connect with the main character. When discussing Lena’s dream, the author writes, “In the dream, she remembered feeling something like dizziness as she saw how many doors there were and how they seemed to stretch into darkness on and on without end. She recalled running and stumbling past the doors and calling out.” By using the phrase, “stretch
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