Blue Bottle Coffee : The Third Wave Of Coffee

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Blue Bottle Coffee is a recently established premium American coffee roaster which is becoming a major player in a growing market known as ‘the third wave of coffee’. This the production of high-quality coffee with the revival of alternative methods of preparation and its appreciation as an artisanal foodstuff. Blue Bottle aim to serve coffee based on an 18th-century Viennese recipe "less than 48 hours out of the roaster” (Blue Bottle 2015). They have grown steadily, both organically and by acquisition, since opening their first kiosk in San Francisco in 2004, and now have twenty coffee shops across the US. They also have a subscription service which delivers fresh coffee beans to customers and this year expanded to Japan with the successful establishment of two coffee shops in Tokyo where there have been reports of four-hour queues for their coffee (Business Insider 2015). Blue Bottle are a well-funded enterprise having raised $45m in venture capital from backers including Google Enterprises and Morgan Stanley (CrunchBase 2015). This financed their opening in Japan as well as the acquisitions of subscription services Tonx and Perfect Solution. In June 2015, a further round of funding raised more than $70m which leaves them with a substantial amount of capital to invest in new markets such as the UK.

The UK market is an attractive one to enter because of the many similarities it has with the USA. For US companies looking to enter the market “the language and the…

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