Blue Collar Paradox By John Lennon

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Blue-Collar Paradox “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon is respected by numerous groups of people amongst the most productive, challenging tunes of its era in a huge part to the way of a songwriter could express. His thoughts through basic verses and melody writing to urge us to notice what is happening to the working-class and below; who have felt invisible to the public eye. Even though this song was written in 1970, it was clearly considered relevant to today’s society for Green Day to release its own version of it in the twenty-first century. We, as a society, continue to experience what is mentioned in Lennon’s song which justify the continuing popularity of this song even now, despite all the changes in society since Lennon wrote…show more content…
But their needs are tended by their teachers which for them is to be able to find themselves are reflected through their course readings and other instructional materials that are provided in school (DeZolt).To have academic and social achievement early school years are the basic figures for future academic, and professional accomplishment for all students. Society must let the people have the freedom to learn while gaining the knowledge and experience, but having the wrong authority that controls the way people think is a step away from improving the economic process. Even through the daily activities that we do, we only see the surface of the medium which leads to not thinking what is behind them; taking things at face value. To illustrate another verse mention about being trapped in paradoxes: “When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty odd years, then they expect you to pick a career” (Lennon 406) at the exact point you’ve become immobilized, unequipped for settling on a choice. The outcome is either distrust or unable to function because of how society “[Kept us] doped with religion and sex and TV”(407). Religion has been used for a large number of years as an approach to hold individuals down. It shows them, these are the standards they should obey and know the norms of behavior or they will agonize in Hell (Bodiford). It requires people to worship those beliefs and bow down to individuals who are viewed as

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