Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Georgia

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The Joint Commission has set forth standards for health care organizations to reduce the number of risks and amend the quality of care and the safety of the patient. Risk management and quality management focus on these attributes of the organization and the patient. Risks are impossible to avoid since it linked to everyday living and the workforce. Risk management must take the initiative to distinguish and oversee these risks. Due to the lack of consistency in the quality of care, health care organizations aim to reduce the negative outcomes of the patient safety through quality management methods. Internal and external factors may pose a risk that can have an impact on the organization and the consequence of the patient care and safety.…show more content…
The managed care organization provides the consumer with options in choosing a dental plan. BCBSGA is currently offering PPO dental plans to children as an essential health benefit requirement of the Affordable Care Act. Families have the option to purchase the basic plan or the enhanced plan. Individuals or families have to option to buy the PPO dental prime plans that have three options. BCBSGA has one plan for the vision that consumers can add to any plan. Purpose of Risk and Quality Management An organization risk manager and quality manager are continually seeking useful ways on minimizing risks to the organization and promoting better care of the patient. Risk management is the series of actions that is put forward to identify and address the issues to avoid the possibility of loss or injury. “Moreover, even when a risk-management plan creates barriers to access, a careful discussion of those barriers can lead to strategies to reduce them” (Meltzer, 2007, pg. 2). Quality management oversees the development of a product or service and ensures that it’s functioning or performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. These departments are critical in recognizing and protecting a company loss. Many health care professionals not easily persuaded that quality can improve even though the result is not good
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