Essay on Blue Death Questions

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PART I QUESTIONS 1. Models are analogies that allow us to clarify hypotheses—proposed explanations of relationships between causes and effects. What roles do models play in testing hypotheses? Models provide the physical testing and proof of a hypothesis by exploring the extent to which the two factors relate within the given hypothesis. It puts a theory into action, to see if the theory is correct. 2. What did the humoral model of disease propose as the cause for cholera? The humoral model of disease said that disease was caused by an imbalance in one or more of four "humors" or fluids in the body: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Physicians would decide on a treatment based on what they thought was the cause of the…show more content…
7. When was the germ theory of disease proposed, and on what basis? The germ theory was proposed by Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur in the 1870s, on the basis that microorganisms were the cause of many diseases. PART III 1. Why was it useful to be able to verify the source of the water? Verifying the source of water was the only way to prevent its spread. Since it is an epidemic, it affects many people at the same time, and it is very important to stop the spreading into more communities to prevent further death and the expansion of the disease. Verification allowed companies using that source to change where they obtained their water, and allowed water treatment to take place. 2. Why would a neighborhood served by two different water companies be more useful for testing Snow’s hypothesis than two neighborhoods each with their own source? A reviewer in the London Medical Gazette suggested that Snow find people living side by side with lifestyles similar in all aspects except of their water source. He made this suggestion because this would ensure that the neighbors breathe the same air and resemble each other more in variables other than the water source. This would guarantee that the water is the source, and not other factors that is causing the cholera. 3. Epidemiologists often draw causal webs to illustrate the
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