Blue Dress, By Walter Mosley, The Treatment And Lifestyle Of Racial Minorities Essay

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To those travelling to California to start a new life, California was seen as a land of opportunity for all, however that was not the case. The reality was that it was the land of opportunity for whites. Yes, racial minorities had more rights in California than in other parts of the United States, but these minorities still suffered from extreme discrimination. In the novel, Devil in a Blue Dress, by Walter Mosley, the treatment and lifestyle of racial minorities is depicted; however more importantly the novel demonstrates the broader trends of California’s history in regards to racial minorities. This paper will describe and analyze these broader trends of the history of race relations in California to conceptualize the treatment of racial minorities in California. People of all races travelled to California to create a new life. For the Southern Negro, “California was like heaven,” (Mosley, 72) but as these minorities assimilated into the culture and society of California the concept of a heaven faded, and they experienced similar treatment to that of the south. Minorities in California were not treated equally to their white counterparts. They soon found of that “their” people had “to learn to give a little extra if [they wanted to] advance” (Mosley, 73). Yet, advancing socially or in employment circumstances was particularly difficult in California. In employment, racial minorities had bottom of the pedestal jobs, with their bosses being white superiors, who treated

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