Blue Jay In Mark Twain´s Baker's Bluejay Yarn

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Mark Twain’s Baker’s Bluejay Yarn is a story of a determined blue jay as he works to fill a “hole” with acorns. A pivotal moment in this story is when the blue jay states “-but I’ve started to fill you, and I’m d--d if I don’t fill you, if it takes a hundred years!”(139).At this point in the story, you see the jay’s character to change from one of curiosity and bewilderment to one of determination and stubbornness. This significant moment in the text can lead the reader to detect a theme similar to the jay’s demeanor: hard-headedness and determination. He works a long while, filling the hole with acorns until “he could hardly flop his wings,”(140). The blue jay was willing to work so hard for something so small and insignificant, which shows
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