Blue Knob Research Paper

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Place the far end of the ramp on the 7th hole of the physics stand; make sure that the hole on the ramp is aligned with the one in the stand the markings on the ramp seen on the slides.
Secure the ramp to the stand using a blue knob.
Slide one of the wooden stops as close as possible to the top of the ramp until there are 3 screws on the top with the blue knob on the bottom.
On the top of the wooden stop, there should be one screw facing downwards and two screws facing up.
To prevent the wooden stop from falling, tighten the blue knob under the stop.
Repeat steps 3-5, but at the opposite end so both slides are identical.
Place the clay orb (shock absorber) against the wooden stop on the ramp closest to the table.
Take 1 steel orb and weigh the mass on the balance. Record the weight in grams on the data table.
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Do the same to the other photogate, but at the very last marking on the ramp. They will measure the speed of the toy car when it passes through.
Hook up the CPO timer to the photogates and plug it into an outlet, make sure the light on photogate A is on and photogate B is off. Set the timer on interval.
Make sure that the tab on the car is up so when it passes through the photogates, it will block the light beams.
Place 1 steel orb in the toy car and hold the car against the wooden stop closest to the physics stand on the ramp and release the car. Record the time in seconds the toy car to make it down the ramp on the data table. Reset the timer for the next trial.
Record the data and repeat, adding another steel orb for the next two
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