Blue Monday Case Study

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Blue Mondav

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This case wos prepored by Di.stingrishecl Prc.fbssor o.f ' Clttbal Resprsn,sible Lcuclership Henri-Claude de Bettignies at CEIBS and Research Studies Manager Charlotte Butler at the Euro-Asia Centre-IIr{SEAD.This case was inspired by a paper written by Chuck Jiang and Matthew Xue for a course taught by Professor H.C. de
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The excellent sales figureshe hadachieved his variousforeignpostings in had enhanced reputationwithin PharmacylInc., which was why head ofhce had his selected him to be salesdirectorat its first Chinesesubsidiary, basedin Shanghai.
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Blue Monday


Alex thoughtof himselfas a very effectiveleader. leadership His stylehad produced jobs and he sawhimselfas a personableto listen,to excellent resultsin his previous leadand alsoto be decisive. knew he was expected achieve He to outstanding results in this important market and guide PharmacylChina to becomemarket leader, After this, it was expectedhe would lead overtaking many local competitors. into otherpartsof the country. Pharmacyl China 'sexpansion He hadnot doubted coulddo this: he hadhandpickedhis sales he teamandknew that they all had good salesexperience with excellentsalesrecords. coursehe knew Of that operatingin China was not necessarily working on a level playing field. The plethoraof companies from small to mediumto a few largerscaleonesshowedthat competitionwas fierce. He had heard reports about

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