`` Blue Moon Of Kentucky ``

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From an American perspective, the color blue symbolizes and represents a multitude of social and iconic aspects identified as uniquely Kentuckian. The “Bluegrass State” stands as one of the most recognizable state monikers across the country, “Blue Moon of Kentucky” is a famous waltz recorded by both Bluegrass musical creator Bill Monroe (as well as the king of rock Elvis Presley), and chants of “Go Big Blue!!” echo across the state from those that support the University of Kentucky’s athletic programs. Lost to represent Kentucky citizens in this twentieth century movement toward a more popular iconography are the sacrificial contributions for the Union cause made by ordinary Kentuckians during the Civil War. As events unfolded in the 1860s domestic crisis between the “Blue and Gray,” Kentucky’s Appalachian residents provided a bastion of physical and strategic support for those that marched and fought in the uniform of the darker hue. In 1897, future President Theodore Roosevelt singled out Kentucky’s Appalachian citizens’ impact on the war proclaiming “when the full history of the war is written we shall realize more than we do our debt to the loyal people of the South…there (was) a larger proportion of descendants of revolutionary soldiery in Kentucky than any other state… (who could) overflow from their mountains and re-enforce the nation.”
Historians have produced numerous scholarly accounts about the American Civil War. These efforts vary in size and scope and…

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