Blue Moon 's New Business Strategy

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Blue Moon’s new MAS Business Report Blue Moon’s new MAS Business Report ZiXiao Yuan 3536594 ACCT-1014-AUSCY-S2-SMR01/06 Table of Contents Executive summary 1 Introduction 2 Blue Moon’s new Business Strategy 3 Business Mission 3 Competitive Advantage 3 KSF’s for Blue Moon 4 Tools and techniques use for MAS 5 Conclusion 7 Referencing 7 Executive summary The purpose of this report is discuss how to design Blue Moon’s new management accounting system. The report will give an outline of Blue Moon’s new business strategy, include the business mission and the competitive advantage. And will talk about what the key success factors for Blue Moon after use the new business strategy. The useful tools and techniques to revise new MAS will also discuss in the report. Introduction Blue Moon, Pty a company designs and produces sailing boats. For years by offering a low cost and with short production time, Blue Moon are very successful in boat industry. But recently this business’s profit and market share are decline alarmingly because their competitors are having lower cost and shorter production time. And also their target customer which are middle class families, they are decreasing their purchasing power. This report will discuss about the new business strategy that could help Blue Moon to survive. Blue Moon’s new Business Strategy Business Mission Blue Moon will be focusing on

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