Blue Mountain Resort Analysis

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Write Up. Case 1: Blue Mountain Resorts. The Service Quality Journey.

Dave Sinclair, vice-president of human resources at Blue Mountain Resort (BMR), was considering his options concerning the company's service quality program. He gathered together a team of 25 BMR managers to identify opportunities to improve service quality. They had provided Dave with a number of specific proposals he wanted to evaluate and decide on a course of action. From all, Dave identified three proposals that required careful consideration: costumer flow, speed of service and information technology (IT). BMR service is delivered in different aspects due to the variety of services that it offers, like winter sport, skiing and snowboarding activities and a
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The whole feeling of being part of the company and being heard guided the employees to produce empathy, reliability, assurance and responsiveness to the external customer and eliminated gaps and lack that BMR had at the beginning. The approach taken by the firm concerning to service quality had caused the right effect. It improved the human resource management, employees marketing, maximize tangible evidence like physical environment, encouraged the communication between guests and employees, vertical and horizontal communication, service performance, information technology in the case of the call center and others. That decision set the parameters to start the service quality revolution in the firm. In my opinion, BMR initiated all the process at the right time and with the right people. As company they implemented the new focus and values with wisdom due to they took all the details in consideration. First, spreading their goals to employees and gave them the opportunity to be proactive. And then, let their guests know the firm is improving in certain areas mentioned before. The SWOP program described areas with issues to be resolved that have been identified as opportunity to improve service quality in the company. Dave evaluated those proposals and considered only three
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