Blue Nile Inc Case Study

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Blue Nile Inc. in 2010: Case Study Zachary Williams Missouri Southern State University MM452-Strategic Management Dr. Moos February 23, 2015 Table of Contents Competitive Forces confronting Blue Nile and other online retail jewelers 3 Key Factors to a Company’s Success in the Market 4 Blue Nile’s Strategy 5 Blue Nile’s Business Model 5 SWOT Analysis of Blue Nile…show more content…
Key Factors to a Company’s Success in the Market In a market with a vast amount of competitors offering similar products, it is vital that competitors stay at the front of the market. In order to do this, companies, such as Blue Nile, must increase globalization efforts. As the market shifts worldwide, so must companies. Blue Nile, for example, has recently seen success in the worldwide market, although international profits only make up 13% of revenue. Also, companies must offer reliable customer service, such as Blue Nile offers. Along with reliable customer service, online competitors must focus on reliable shipping, lowering costs when applicable. Finally, marketing efforts must be vamped to ramp up customer traffic and build larger customer bases. Blue Nile’s Strategy Blue Nile’s strategy is to have a large inventory of high-quality diamonds, exceptional customer service, and low prices. Blue Nile has adopted a best-cost provider strategy; as a best-cost provider, Blue Nile earns a competitive advantage in the market, by offering more value for the money at a lower cost than competitors. Blue Nile’s Business Model Blue Nile’s business model is to offer high-quality diamonds and fine jewelry at competitive and attractive prices. Blue Nile strives to provide customers with useful information throughout the buying process, including educational information such as grading reports on the diamonds. SWOT Analysis of Blue Nile Strengths: Reliable

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