Blue Ocean Strategy At France 's Insead Business School

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Life is full of games, in which we always want to be the winner. Most of the time, to accomplish this, we are ready to do whatever it takes to win without thinking how it effects others around us and this leads the game to get bloody and the players to be merciless. The same pattern of struggle for winning and the sense of game is relevant in the business world. In their book Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne – strategy professors at France’s INSEAD business school, proved that in this sphere, games don’t always have to be this bloody by conveying a world where companies profit and grow in a competition free environment. Reading and discovering more than 150 business researches, Kim and Mauborgne help us to discover the idea of this sphere, so called blue ocean, which became an essential in strategic business thinking. In this review, we are going to summarize and analyze the strategies which Kim and Mauborgne conveys. Blue Ocean Strategy advocates that for a company to be successful, creating and opening a new market space that no one has entered before is essential. In order to gain and to sustain the value-innovation, every single corporate and business owner should create and discover contentious areas of the market that is ready to grow. This market place is called the 'blue ocean ', a term that should be, but still is not, a keystone for the managers. The book accepts the fact that this strategy is not seen applicable enough by saying "too risky…

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