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Blue Ocean Strategy Paper Adel Erolsky University of Phoenix MKT/421 Ron Rosalik August 25, 2014 Blue Ocean Strategy Paper In today’s business world, competition is a big concern for nearly every corporation. The competition on the market is getting stronger and more difficult to overcome, in many situations corporations terminate their products, production, or their services, just because it is impossible to continue; the cost is too high to focus on gathering development projects in marketing, production, market research, and product innovation, to fight against the competitors. The kind of competition market described previously is an example of a Red Ocean Strategy. The market is oversaturated with companies…show more content…
An example of Blue Ocean Strategy business would be “Le Cirque du Soleil.” At some point of our life we did went to see the circus. The circus’ performances were very popular for many centuries. This is an old concept - a group of artists and acrobats who travel the world with a tent, and with a diversity of wild animals to perform a spectacular show. The primary target was the children. Today, this concept is obsolete, although still exist in Europe. According The Wall Street Journal” … Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian company that redefined the dynamics of a declining circus industry in the 1980s. Under conventional strategy analysis, the circus industry was a loser. Star performers had “supplier power” over the company. Alternative forms of entertainment, from sporting events to home entertainment systems, were relatively inexpensive and on the rise. Moreover, animal rights groups were putting increased pressure on circuses for their treatment of animals.” (Murray, 2014) A new era was created transforming the concept of what is a circus today. As the Wall Street Journal described, “Cirque du Soleil eliminated the animals and reduced the importance of individual stars. It created a new form of entertainment that combined dance, music and athletic skill to appeal to an upscale adult audience that had abandoned the traditional circus. (Murray, 2014) This new revolutionary strategy took an obsolete business, which was at risk of

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