Blue Ridge Coffee Case Study

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Task 2 Memorandum TO: FROM: DATE: SUBJECT: Sales Strategy for the Flavored Coffee Following the introduction of the new flavored coffee, there is need for coming up with a sales strategy for increasing the sales of the new product. The strategy gives details on how the product will reach the customers, and in the end, making them aware of the difference between the new product-line with the other products from the company. These strategies are necessary for improving the total company sales, consequently increasing the profitability of the company. The strategy is also necessary for the coming up with sales activities that position the flavored coffee to a state where it can gain a competitive advantage in the market. The most appropriate sales strategy of choice for meeting the sales objective of the company is the triple-tiered sales strategy (Frain, 2009). Justification of the recommendation The strategy is necessary for the establishment of a good relationship between the wholesale clientele and the company. The association that the regional sales teams have with the wholesale customers is vital for giving the company the necessary information regarding the performance of the product. The triple-tiered strategy is necessary for the identification of the challenges that the competitors are going through, and building on their weakness to increase the sales volume. An element of a weak competition in consideration involves brand recognition. Carolina Coffee

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