Blue Sea Dragon Research Paper

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Have you ever heard of the Blue Sea Dragon or how about the Glaucus Atlanticus? It goes by many names including Sea Lizard, Blue Sea Slug and Sea Swallow. There are many more names but that is not the only thing about it though. It is around three centimeters long when it is full grown. It has six webbed fingers and it's not as innocent as it may seem. Sadly it only lives up to a year old before dying. Have you ever seen a thing in the Indian, Atlantic, or Pacific Ocean and thought that it was just water until you looked harder? It may have been because it was not water at all it may have been a Blue Sea Slug. It lives in warm water and just floats where the waves take it. It uses it's stomach to float. It holds in air with it's stomach…show more content…
It has a sting like a jellyfish. It's Fingers that look like they have fingers actually are coursing with venom that it uses on its prey. It also has crazy sharp teeth that can tear through its prey like it is nothing. It can eat small things whole but normally has a bigger meal and uses its dangerous teeth. When food is scarce the Blue Dragon will even resort to cannibalism. If you were going to ask how to tell if it's a girl or boy don’t. The Glaucus Atlanticus is neither a girl nor a boy. It has both parts so it can reproduce faster, that way when it is ready to reproduce it gets together with another close by. Then when it is over both try to find a place to lay their twenty some eggs. When they are born they do not have air sac's so they have to be careful and find a piece of wood or something that is floating before laying their eggs. As you can see the Blue Dragon or Glaucus Atlanticus is a very powerful small marine creature. You can either think of it as dangerous or cute but one might get you killed. This creature is a slug though so don’t get it confused with something else. Just remember that if you ever see anything in the water that you know is not water be careful before picking it up it might sting you or
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