Blue Sky Software Consulting Case Study

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Introduction Blue Sky Software Consulting was established approximately fifteen years ago. It has recently experienced some changes within the executive leadership and is facing some turbulence within the company leadership, as might be expected. This paper will discuss the issues facing Blue Sky and explore some possible solutions, specifically regarding the management of the firm. This paper will analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding this case study, and will attempt to provide recommended solutions grounded upon the theories, concepts, and principals derived from the Management and Leadership program.
Blue Sky was founded by Max Blue, who served fourteen years as CEO and Chairman of the Board. He recently resigned as CEO, but remains in the chairperson position. Under his leadership, he projected an authoritative style of managing this firm. Much of the senior subordinate managers waited his decisions and developed a passive culture within the firm. With his recent resignation, Max Blue was replaced with Jim Willis, who hade served the previous five years as the human resources VP. Jim’s previous experiences include serving as an executive with an accounting firm. His approach to running this organization is more democratic and inclusive of the subordinate management. However, they are used to looking for the boss to make a decision as opposed to providing recommendations and coming to a consensus agreement. The senior managers are fortunate to be
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