Blue Spider Case Essay

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1) If you were Gary Anderson would you have accepted this project after the director stated that it would be his baby all the way? Despite Henry Gable’s very apparent shadiness I would probably have taken the project too due to the backing that the project has. Even though the project had issues, based on all we have learned in project management, it is rare that a project has the amount of attention and backing from top executives, as well as, strong resources from the functional team. Many of the cases we studied are problematic because they did not have this type of backing and priority which in the end, created other conflicts. Do engineers with MBA’s aspire to high positions in management? I think the ones who have the unique…show more content…
I feel it was a mistake for management to put him in this position before anyone knew if he could actually do it. Instead, management should have tested Gary’s PM ability by assigning him to another project in a lesser capacity such a an assistant to a PM before assigning him to a major project like this. What are the moral and ethical issues facing Gary? The moral and ethical issues Gary is facing in this project stem from his knowledge and belief that the materials used in the project will not meet the client’s specifications. To get the contract inaccurate statements needed to be made about the specifications of the material and then once the contract was won, there were issues surrounding client billing for future testing of the material. Gary was pressured into allowing of this to happen by Gable which in another issue too but ultimately, Gary’s name is on the project and he is responsible. He allowed it to occur when he had his own ideas of how to handle it but they were quickly squelched by Gable. He sacrificed his own ideals to get ahead. What authority does Gary have and whom does he report to? Unfortunately Gary reports to Elliot Grey who is not doing a good job either. Grey’s lack of directive and support undermined any authority that Gary had in this project. Grey should have stepped in and supported Gary when dealing with the dominate Mr. Gable. This would have helped Gary gain some control in the project. This lack of support, coupled with
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