Blue Van Case Study Essay

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1. Introduction: 1 2. Managing People and Relationships 1
2.1 Evaluate the relationship between the customer and the organisation 1
2.2 Measures Supershuttle May Take 2
3. Managing Information for Decision Making 3
3.1 The Demands Refer to Data Collection Methods 3
3.2 The Data are Necessary to Get 3
4. Managing Operational Finance 4
4.1Choose a Effective and Profitable Policy 4
4.2Franchise or Independent Operator 5
5. Managing Operations 5
5.1 Difficulities for Supershuttle 5
5.2 Suggestions for suppershuttle to plan and manage resources 6
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1. Introduction:
In recent decades, the rapid development of tourism industry causes an increasing demand for transportation companies. As a
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As Castleline states (2012) “effective communication is the key to an effective organization” , and if Supershuttle had an effective internal communication, Southerns would get all his momeny back as the staff promised in the e-mails. As a result, a customer service centre with modern reliable communication system is suggested for Supershuttle. It will provide a good way for the staff to cooperate with each other in order to improve their customer services.

Castleline (2012) indicated that “recognition of importance of people has led to rises in interest in internal marketing to encourage effective staff behavior which will attract customers”. Therefore, Supershuttle could inspire their employee’s motivation; give them more flexible time and more rights to make decisions to attract more potential customers.
3. Managing Information for Decision Making
3.1 The Demands Refer to Data Collection Methods
Managing information for decision making is a key point of any business. If a company has enough effective data collection, the staff can interpret information and then generate knowledge (Marshall, 2012), this will help the managers and staff to make any decisions to satisfy the customers and obtain more profits. And any risks could be predicted, some measures even will be taken to prevent them from occurring.

3.2 The Data are Necessary to Get There are quantitative data and qualitative

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