Blueprint For Professional And Personal Growth

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Blueprint for Professional &Personal Growth Segun Adeyemi Walden University 10/17/2015 Blueprint for Professional &Personal Growth EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I am a MBA student taking different courses to develop a great understanding of the various aspects that businesses entails. I want to be well –versed in a variety of other areas that will make me confident in my career. ACCOMPLISHMENTS The contents and assignment in this course has helped me understand the various theories of leadership and how different leadership styles can have a negative or positive effect on followers and organizations. The leadership theories helped me understand the concept of leadership better because it educates me on the different leadership options that are available. Leadership and followership is not based on specific characteristics. Leaders must draw from things and approaches to find the right style. A follower’s attitude determines the way a leader leads. According to Johnson (2011) “Being a good follower means ensuring your boss is supported, but only if he is making optimum decisions”. As a good follower, I need to accept responsibility and I need to be aware of the tasks that I have to take on. I have to readily support my leader at all times and I should be able to voice my opinions to my leader in a very supportive way. Leaders can only lead an organization successfully if they have personalities that appeal to their followers. The individual reflection and big five
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