Blueprint, In General, The Name Itself Explains That The

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Blueprint, in general, the name itself explains that the paper which will be in blue color containing white lines and those lines represent the designing process in an organization or may be designing for a house. This is explained clearly in paper-based format primarily so that it can be implemented later practically without any problems. Actually there are different places where blueprint can be used like business to draw a business plan to make a profitable business, constructions to draw a model which has to build, working on studies day-to-day is also blueprint which helps in final exams, religions, and philosophies for blueprint also play major role in normal people lives (dictionary blueprint, n.d.). It can also help in finding out…show more content…
This is the project phase of business critical implementation application when business gathers requirements and define phases when an organization requires (ten steps to business process blueprinting, n.d.).
For every project or business what we have to know what should be implemented and how much time will it take to implement that particular task. There should be a clear and detail description about work which needs to be implemented and how it looks like after completion which approximate time interval. There are some steps for explaining the process (ten steps to business process blueprinting, n.d.):
Develop a process inventory: which contains the inventory of all the processes where there are known and unknown processes. This helps to make a good start with one process and complete them in a sequential manner without failure.
Establish the foundation: which provides scope to better understand the boundaries of the project and provides basic information about the process which is started first.
Draw Blueprint: explains the process, different departments, and tasks required in a project from starting of the project till the end of the project.
Estimate Time and Cost: it is very crucial for every project to estimate how much time will project takes to complete and base measurement cost for entire completion of the project.
Verify the Process Blueprint: after the completion of the plan regarding the project we need to know whether the created paper is
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